Suggestion: Test how children died?

  I thought this up when Netscape went kaboom on me for the umpteenth time. :-)

  It occurs to me that perhaps the Gnome panel (other programs too?) should
optionally inform the user when a child dies of unnatural causes (eg segfault
or interrupt).  Sort of like how most shells will tell you when a child
dies, whether it dumped core, and so on.  I'd like the extra
diagnostics..probably..I'm not sure what the default configuration should be,
though.  I guess it's a question of whether users will be more scared off
by programs just vanishing, or by incomprehensible error messages popping up
as well...
 (of course, the real solution there is to write programs that never crash :-)

  ..I wonder if maybe this could be implemented in one of the helper functions,
so that if a program started from, eg, gmc segfaults the user still gets
informed? (I don't even know how prevalent the use of the gnome helper
functions is for this sort of thing, so.. :-) )  If things are handled that
way, an additional option in the Look&Feel section of the control center
might be a good idea.. I crazy, or is this a good idea?  What's the verdict?


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