Re: ORBit, CVS 2/15/99, AC_TRY_RUN problem

Quoting Radovan Semancik <>:
> hello!
> configuring in popt
> running /bin/sh ./configure  --enable-maintainer-mode
> --prefix=/opt/gnome --cache-file=.././config.cache --srcdir=.
> ./configure: ./config.log: Permission denied
> configure: error: ./configure failed for popt
> Now type 'make' to compile ORBit.
> and make fails in the same way ..
> please help.

Chances are you are getting a default symlink created for config.log
pointing to someplace that you don't have permission to write to.
What you want to do is something like:
    cd ORBit/popt
    rm -f config.log
    touch config.log
    cd ..

and most likely your problem will be solved.


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