Re: How come GNOME is hard to install.

Martin Kasper Petersen wrote:
> >>>>> "Yoni" == Yoni Elhanani <> writes:
> Yoni> i cannot even run gdm when i try to as root: "gdm_config_parse:
> Yoni> Can't find the gdm user (gdm). Aborting!"  I do believe that
> Yoni> this is just misconfiguration or non-configuration problem, but
> Yoni> newbies would be baffled by such a thing.
> gdm requires a dedicated user and group id to work properly.

Yeah I just configured it,
but still, has no ctrl-cntr way to config it, etc.
thus if I wanted to make a nice gradiant to it I had to use bggen.
This is not half the comfortability that I found when installed KDM,
it had a nice capplet with tabs for background/greeter/selector config.
If I'm not wrong it had a nice face config for each user or for root,
cant recall.
> Like most daemons gdm requires the sysadmin/distribution integrator to
> read the docs and do some local customization.

Yeah actually I didnt really care for gdm,
since I like the login prompt and I trust it better.. ;-)
so after a quick compile I got to the "no user (gdm) message" i stopped
and thought "well, nevermind, i'll go to sleep".

But these newbies that just installed their RH 5.2 will think "what the
fsck is that crap, doesnt work out of the box, like kde does, i'm gonna
use kde or even switch back to my old windows. I hate Linux", or
something like that... :-*

Display Managers are a nice feature for X, It would be a waste if the
newbie wont install it right... 


There are no big words, just little people.

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