Re: More Drag & Drop Functionality

> > Um, you guys do know there are panel menus, which are as
> > customizable as
> > panel drawers, and already retract after launching an
> > application.  If I
> > open a "drawer" I expect to have to close it again.  If I
> > select something
> > from a "menu", I'm done with it and don't mind it going away.  I don't
> > care if its optional, but I think the default for a drawer
> > should be to
> > not act like a menu.
> >
> > -Gleef
> >
> Good point.  I agree that the drawer metaphor implies having to close it
> manually, and should therefore be the default.  Still, I wouldn't mind
> having an electric motor in my sock drawer that automatically closed it
> after I take out a pair of socks ;)

Ok, I'll have to agree there. However, if you watch most people at work,
you'll probably find that they open their panel drawers only to run one
program, and then have to hit the button again to retract it. That being
the case, it would be a good idea to have them retract, saving a bit of
time for the user. I agree, you should be able to turn this feature on
and off, as that's what seperates GNOME from every other desktop
environment there: the user is in control.

As for the comment on menus, I absolutely despise menuing systems!
That's why I've switched to GNOME in the first place, and it's why I
refuse to install Win95 on my computer! Menus end up taking too much
screen space when you open them, and they require too much movement of
the mouse to get to what you want. That's why I personally would prefer
an optional application manager--everything you wnt stays in a neat
little box.

Also, if you'll note my original post, the whole reason for bringing up
retracting drawers and app managers is to add the ability to drag a file
from gmc into the application's icon, and have the app try to execute
that file. Doing that with a menu would be more trouble than it's worth.


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