Nasty GMC bug

  For a while, gmc seemed to be dealing correctly with objects being
dropped on their starting location but today (using a gnome-compliant
WM, in case that changes things) I picked up my home directory, dragged it
to the desktop, saw that gmc was about to copy it, dragged it back, let go,
and watched gmc start copying my home directory to itself!  I don't think it
corrupted anything but this behavior should probably be fixed anyway.. :-)

  ..also, I thought that the default action for drags to the desktop was
now Link?  Not _too_ much of a problem though..

  One last minor point..I'm using WindowMaker and I can't seem to rubber-band
files on the desktop the way my E-using acquaintances can.  WM rubber-bands
windows as well, is there any hope that someday someone will find a way
of putting both these functions together without breaking them?


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