Re: Is ORBit documented?

As an addendum, I found the ORBit-GTK docs almost useful; if I had used
GTK in the last 6 months, then I might have understood it.  As it
is, I can't really justify reading up on GTK just so I can understand
how to use ORBit with my non-GTK+ app.

Again, I would be happy to write an equivalent doc for non-GTK apps
if someone is willing to answer my dumb questions.  

Also, why is the ORBit-GTK doc (which I've seen a few places and found
tonight via altavista) not part of the docs for ORBit off of CVS?
A locate on my machine, which has most of the GNOME source on it, does
not show it to be anywhere.  I imagine that programmers would find
it useful...

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