Re: IDEA: gmc and .xvpics

"Szabo, Balazs" wrote:
> ||   >   What   about   using  the   .xvpics   files   when   displaying
> image-directories
> ||  >  in gmc?  gimp  (guash)  can generate  it  (it  will be  very  low
> quality, but
> || >  it can  do this). gimp  is also  part of the  gnome, that's  why I
> think
> || > this would not be wrong...
> ||
> || Can you describe what the format for .xvpics is?
> As I  saw in the source  file (gimp-plugins-unstable/xvthumb/xvthumb.c),
> it  is a  simple  uncompressed small  picture. This  format  is used  by
> gimp, guash (Gimp Users Another SHell), and XV).
> I think  this could be  godd, if  it would be  adopted not only  by gmc,
> but by ee also. I think ee's thumbnail-generation is quite slow...
> dLux

But I dislike how XV, Guash, and now Gimp 1.1.2, drop extraeneous
.xvpics directories all about my home directory. I use Gimp to edit
images for my website, and I don't like having to delete those .xvpics
directories every time before I upload. EE has a superior scheme, IMO,
in dropping all the thumbnails from accross the system into the .ee
directory, rather than scattering them all about. Removing them is so
much easier with EE.

    Jim Cape

    "All animals are equal, some animals
     are more equal than others."
         -- George Orwell, Animal Farm

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