Re: gnome-pager memory leaks?

On Mon, Feb 01, 1999 at 03:44:12PM +0100, David Sundqvist was heard to say:
> Since the latest relase of WindowMaker (0.50.2) I've been running the
> gnomepager_applet. Has anyone else noticed it seems to have a tendency to
> grow rather large? 30 MB memory of which 25 MB is resident seems a bit too
> much to be entirely reasonable (wow, currently its resident size is
> bigger than both X and netscape :). It also seems suffer from occasional
> bouts of excessive redraws, but that is a bit more understandable when
> there are many windows.
> I do love it tho :).
> /David

  How?  I tried to run it in WindowMaker 0.50.0 and up and I get a message
saying I'm not running a Gnome-compliant windowmanager.  I had just assumed
that the Gnome WM specs were changing too much for WindowMaker to correctly
implement them, but maybe this is a problem with the packaging.  Are there
any Debian users out there who can get the pager to work with potato's
WindowMaker, or should I submit a bug report?

  Daniel Burrows

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