Re: Session Management not quite working?

> I've been using gnome with enlightenment for a few months now, and
> simply love it.  However, one of the small things that bothers me is
> that whenever I restart gnome, I want the gnome-terminals and xemacs
> to consistently be placed in the same location.  This does not happen,
> and the applications will be placed where ever there is room.  Is this
> due to a problem with session management, or is enlightenment getting
> in the way?

Although I am not fully sure, I think it's enlightement getting in the
way. Enlightenment (and some other window managers) have an option which
(when turned on) will "smart place" a new window to wherever there is
room on the current desktop. It's probably turned on your machine and
hence enlightenment is overriding the location gnome is specifying.
Turn "smart placement" off and see if that helps.

> Additionally, I am sorely missing a cute calendar app 'ical' which, when
> I try yo run it now, does not seem to display on any desktop.  If I run
> it
> with the -iconic switch, I get a black icon instead a representation of
> the application.  I've installed the latest greatest version, but still
> no luck.  I don't understand why.  Any ideas?

Hmm, I don't know what the problem is, but have you tried using
Gnome Calender (app name is gnomecal, under the Applications Menu) instead
of "ical"? I found it to incorporate all the features of ical with the
bonus of gnome integration.

	= L

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