Esd, gnome and soundcard

Hi to all :)

  Before begin to show my problems, you should excuse me about my bad
english lenguage. :(
  I've some little problems (one time ago they were big problem, after many
usefull advices, and several long readings of howto, man pages, etc..., now
they would seem more little), about, I guess, esd.

  I compiled the kernel 2.2.11, fully modular, enabling:
- Sound Card Support (M)
- OSS sound sodules (M)
- Generic OPL2/OPL3 FM synthesizer support (M)
- Support for Yamaha OPL3-SA2, SA3, and SAx based PnP cards (M)
- SoftOSS software wave engine table (M)
- FM synthesizer (YM3812/OPL3) support (M)

   The kernel now is correctly installed (I see it from /proc/version and
dmesg, and /dev/sndstat, and others)

 I configured the sound card (Yamaha OPL3 SAx I've also w95 on my laptop -
I found also the hardware pages on mirror of linux laptops), after the
kernel ricompilation, with isapnp 1.18 :
giving 'pnpdump > /etc/isapnp.conf' 
and edidting :
and after:

  With command cat /proc/ioports - interrupts - dma , I can see that the
resources are free and assigned at the sound modules.
  When I start the computer the kernel load correctly (without error
messages) the sound, and midi modules, and with dmesg I can see also the
the card is recongnized (without problems) and there are not conflicts
between the resources assigned.
  Then, all seem OK, the card is ok, and the resources are ok, and the
modules are OK.

  With cat /dev/sndstat the results are :
Load type: Driver loaded as module
Kernel: Linux 2.2.11 # mer ago 11 09:25:31 CEST 1999 :586
Config options: 0
Installed drivers:
Card config:
Audio devices:
  0: MS Sound System (CS4231) (DUPLEX)
Synt devices:
  0: Yamaha OPL3
Midi devices:
  0: MPU-401 0.0 Midi interface #1
  0: System clock
  1: MS Sound System (CS4231)
  0: OPL-3SAx and AD1848 (thruogh MSS)
  1: MS Sound System (CS4231)

  I don't kown because there are some empty fields (maybe it's modular)
  ... but  it seems ok .... or not ???

  With lsmod:

nsfd		149984	8	autoclean
opl3		11208	0
opl3as2		3720	0
ad1848		15824	0	[opl3sa2]
mpu401		18448	0	[opl3sa2]
Sound		56364	0	[opl3 ad1848 mpu401]
Soundcore	2148	7	[Sound]

  It seems ok  ...  maybe there is not Soundlow ??!?!

BTW If I try to play with (as the soundhowto tell me):

cat /usr/share/afterstep/desktop/sounds/ > /dev/audio  
  ... It sounds clean and regular

cat /usr/share/afterstep/desktop/sounds/ > /dev/dsp  
  ... It sounds, but the sound it is not regular and clean (grrgrgrgrgr ...
it's a noise)

cat /usr/share/sounds/error.wav > /dev/dsp  
  ... It sounds clean and regular

BTW If I try to play with esd:

esdplay /usr/share/afterstep/desktop/sounds/ > /dev/audio  
  ... It sounds clean and regular

esdplay /usr/share/afterstep/desktop/sounds/ > /dev/dsp  
  ... It sounds clean and regular

  Now I try to load esd from console:

  The laptop go in stall (it freeze itself a system block) ... abs to
unblock the machine I must to push the on/off interuttor !!!! :(((((

  If I enable the gnome sound (so it start esd), when gnome is almost ready
(completly loaded) the machine freeze (go in block) and I must turn off
with the interruttor on/off !!!!! :((((

  The cd play, but it should be normal.

  I must disabled gnome sound , so esd remains quite !! :(((

  Where is the probs, there are 2 months I' m trying to change card config,
ioports, etc........ 
  BTW now I've learned a little bit more about linux and the machine, is
the only advantage !! :)

   How can I solve this situation, where is the problems  ????

  bye, and excuse my long email :((((

  miki :) 

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