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* Ben Frantzdale ( [99081722:25]:
> This is because the way enlightenment does it is not great.
> Most WMs do it as follows:
> hold alt, then each time you hit tab the next window on the list is
> brought into focus. when you release alt, the list of windows is re
> ordered such that the most recent window to have focus is on top.
> E does it this way:
> It only thinks of alt+tab as one thing. Each time it gets an alt+tab from
> the keybord it switches windows. what sucks is that instead of waiting
> 'till you release alt, it waits .5 seconds once you've switched to a
> window. if you are still focused on that window, the list is re ordered.
> This means that if you alt tab quickly, every window (that is not shaded
> or iconified) will be focused in order. but if you do alt+tab, then hold
> the alt for a second, then press tab again and repete, you will only go
> back and fourth between the two most recently focused windows.
> I hope this is reasonably correct and clear. This is what I remember of
> what raster told me when I asked after it. I think he plans on updating ig
> for E0.16

Enlightenment from CVS does alt-tab very nicely. Try the devel.4
snapshot available from the website, which
includes a nicely working pager, icon-boxes, and loads more cool new
features - if you're daring.

(I use CVS e, and its always been unexpectedly stable (not one crash

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