So I've been having a lot of luck with gnome lately, cruising along.
Until yesterday when my fiance and I decided to work on a budget.  So I
fire up gnumeric.... and it dies.  Kept complaining about not being able
to locate the file ~/.gnome/fonts/fontmap  Sure enough, the file doesn't
exist.  Sigh...

GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager:
Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols
specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.
Cannot read file /root/.gnome/fonts/fontmap :
gzopen failed: No such file or directory
Cannot read file /usr/share/fonts/fontmap :
gzopen failed: No such file or directory

** WARNING **: gnome_font_new_closest: font family Helvetica not found

** ERROR **: Could not load the default font

Funny, it worked a couple of version ago....

Checked the rpm with -V, no problems.  Sigh.

So I fired up the simple calculator to just add up the numbers we had on
a list.  And discovered that the simple calculator insisted on putting
two copies of everything into the screen, whether it was from the mouse
buttons or the keypad or the keyboard. Sigh....

So I fire up the new gftp program to look for updates.  The new version
has wiped out all my setups.  Oh well, it's a 2.0.x version, I'll just
create them again ... except whenever I change one bookmark it changes
the description on all of them.  Then it locks up trying to go up a
directory on  Sigh....

Of course I still can't play two games of freecell in a row either b/c
it segfaults.  Sigh...

Sure isn't the best way to impress your fiance with linux and

Guess I'll start to figure out what the problem is with the session
manager, try and figure out why gnome-games won't compile with the new
rh6 egcs compiler and surff around for updates.  Not the way I had
planned on spending my evening.  Guess the budget will wait until
tomorrow.  Sigh.....

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