Re: PPP, Mount/Unmount

Tom Gilbert wrote:

> Even an administrator on a multi-user system does not run everything
> as root. He/she uses a normal account for everyday stuff. You log on
> as the root account when and only when necessary. To do otherwise
> makes no sense. Also, a sensible admin (single *or* multi user) will
> never run X as root. It is patently unnecessary. If you need to do a
> root task, such as installing software, su to root in a terminal. For
> example,

So what you are saying is that root utilities such as software installation should
only be done via command line?  Considering the amount of software you have to
install in Linux (things are constantly changing and needing updating) I think it
would be nice to be able to install your software from the GUI without going
through a terminal.  Maybe a su version of a graphical RPM installer which prompts
you for your root password would be nice?

Anyways thanks for the su tip.  It definitely is easier than logging out of my
user account and X and back in as root (no wonder I was getting frustrated doing
it the "brain-dead" way).


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