Re: Heh! Maybe I can help! (was: Icons)

Michael Glauche writes:
 > Can PNG have multiple resolutions ? like 24x24 and 48x48 ? Some
 > icons don't scale very well, and one nice thing on the windows .ico
 > format is IIRC that it can have multiple resolutions and color
 > deeps.

I don't believe that PNG can have multiple resolutions[1].  However,
*we* have Unix (which windows doesn't).  We can have multiple
subdirectories for resolutions, e.g. 24x24 and another named 48x48.
If you have an icon in both resolutions, store separate files.  If you
only have one, use a hard link to the same icon file, in both
directories.  The code which loads up the icons expands or shrinks,
depending on the size of the actual file.

[1] And I'm too lazy to check, in part because I want to show off my
superior understanding of how Unix should be used.  :).

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