Gnome Icon Status Report #1 -- The "We need nearly hundred" report


Gnome needs more icons. No one seems to be painting new ones. Even the
already-existing pixmaps are not used where they could be. This needs
volunteers to be solved.
Maybe this attracts some.
Maybe not.
But trust me on the sunscreen.

Gnome Icon Status Report
as of August 8th, 1999
by mawa

By no means complete, as this report was done solely on my system.
Entries which are part of gnome-core, gnome-applets, gnome-utils or
another core package should be regarded as having a higher priority.

Developers are urged to browse down; in the panel context menu, eight
icon positions are empty which could be filled up without creating any
new artwork. The desktop files or menu pixmaps are simply not set.

Submenu icons:
- Applications
- Games
- Graphics
- System
- Utilities
- Administration

- Gnotravex
- Gnibbles
- gTuring
(10) - gataxx

- ggv

- Synchronize
- Gnome Mailman
- X-Chat

- ESD Volume Meter

- GnoRPM is using "foot question mark" icon
- Shut Down or Reboot

Settings Submenus:
- Desktop
(-) Multimedia
- Peripherals

(20) - User Interface Options
- Gnome Edit Properties
- Mime Types
(-) Shut Down or Reboot

User Interface Options:
- Application Defaults

- Gnome Search Tool
- Gnome DiskFree
- Stripchart Plotter using "foot question mark" icon
- System Info (guname)
(30) - User Listing (gw)
- Text File Viewer (gless)
- Gnome Penguin
- Font Selector
- guiTAR
- System monitor using "foot question mark" icon
- GDict


Main panel context menu:
(-) System menus (should use same icon as foot menu)
(-) User menus (should use same icon as foot menu)
- Add applet
(40) (-) Add main menu (could use foot icon)
(-) Add drawer (could use drawer pixmap)
(-) Add logout button (could use logout button pixmap)
(-) Add lock button (could use lock button pixmap)
- Add swallowed app
- Add new launcher
- Convert to corner panel
- Create new panel
(-) Remove this panel (could use stock pixmap)

"Add Applet" submenus:
(50) - Amusements
- Clocks
- Monitors
- Utility

Amusements submenu:
- Fish
- Fifteen
- Game of Life
- SlashApp
- gEyes

- Clock
(60) - AfterStep Clock
- Clock and Mailcheck
- JBC Binary Clock
- Another Clock

- Battery Charge Monitor
- CPU/MEM Usage
- Disk Usage
- CPULoad
- MemLoad
- SwapLoad
(70) - NetLoad

(-) CD Player (could use icon from foot menu)
- Mixer
- Sound Monitor

- Mailcheck
- Web Control
(-) Clock and Mailcheck
- Modem Lights
(-) PPP Applet (could use icon from foot menu)

- Printer Applet
(80) - Drive Mount
- Character Picker
- Gnome Pager
- Mini Commander
(-) GDict
- Tick-a-Stat
- Task List
- Desk Guide
- Where am I?
- GNotes!
(90) - Gnome Weather

- Balsa and TkRat using same icon
  -> need for one additional icon
- GnomENIUS and gnome-calc using same icon
  -> need for one additional icon
- Colour XTerm and Regular Xterm using same icon
  -> need for additional one
- Gnome PPP and Internet Submenu using same icon
  -> need for additional one
- Sound properties, Multimedia submenu and Audio Mixer using same icon
  -> need for two new icons
(- Multimedia submenu in foot menu and Multimedia submenu in applet menu
  using same icon (OK IMHO))
(- same thing with Internet submenu in foot menu and Network submenu in
  applet menu)
- "This panel properties..." and "Global properties..." using same
  -> need for one more
- "Show documentation index", "Show history window" and "Show
  bookmarks window" in the help browser using same icon
(100)  -> need for two more


Doing a rough count of all the dashes I made and the icons the
"Conflicts" section requires, I come up to exactly 100 icons that are
missing from Gnome's two most important menus. Deducting 13 positions
which can be filled by existing icons or that are duplicate, we can
estimate that 87 icons need to be made.

That is only the beginning, but I dare not think of what's beyond the
foot menu and panel context menu.

IMHO, applications or submenus which have not got a proper icon yet
should consider using a different icon with a related theme or the
"foot question mark" icon instead of simply leaving a blank.

The first thing I'll do now is mail the maintainers of some
applications whether they can provide icons or change their .desktop
files if they've got suitable pixmaps.

This report needs to be amended with other icon-related problems which
surely exist. Mail me. And of course the mentioned problems need to be
solved. Maybe we can solve them. Mail me if you want to paint an icon.
I can then perhaps estimate how many people would like to do icons for
Gnome and schedule somehow who's doing what.

It takes hours to paint a good icon. If you want to paint icons for
Gnome, paint them *one* *by* *one* and put at least a day of work into
each one. It's necessary, trust me.

If you can't paint but have got ideas on the motifs for icons that are
yet to be made, mail me, too. They might go into the next report.

See you next week.

mawa <>
Zwei Dinge sind unendlich - Das Universum und die menchliche Dummheit.
                                                    -- Albert Einstein

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