Re: White Space (Re: UI suggestion: gnome-dock)

"Guillermo S. Romero / unnamed / Familia Romero" wrote:

> Hehehe, I think I was the "someone"... but I am the other side: only text,
> no icons. Btw: what control center? RH6 does not have that (at least my
> RH6). New in latest Gnome upgrades?

I heard RedHat didn't ship ui-properties capplet with control-center
because it's currently broken. Fortunatly I've configured it when it
worked. Anyway, to get icons without text labels, please put following


in .gnome/Gnome file after [UI_GnomeApp] tag. Don't know if text only is
possible, Toolbar_icons=false doesn't work.

-- BlackWine

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