Re: GNOME Usability Improvements - Fix the window manager!

>> > One other anoying thing is that you can't eject the CD with the
>> > button on
>> > the CDROM. and you can't eject the floppy with the physical eject
>> > button
>> > withought unmounting it first else the computer complians :-)
>> > --Ben
>> Where is the problem? If Windows accesses the CDROM and you open the
>> eject button, you would get a blue screen. If you press <ESC> or
>> <retry> it sometimes crashes completely. Do you really want this? ;-)
>Obviously not, but If I eject a floppy and windows then trys to access it,
>it bitches that it's no longer there, but Linux seems not to stop bitching
>untill I give it the disk back and unmount it. With CDs and Zip disks I'd
>think (from a ui standpoint) the least the computer could do is try to
>unmount it when I hit eject.

Put the floppy in sync mode. Add sync to /etc/fstab. That way all floppy
actions are done sync, like Windows. Distros for newbies should do that at
installation. CDs have a "better" way, they hardware lock the disc. MacOS
does this, you must tell the Mac that you want your floppy or CD back
(moving the icon to the trash).

I have umounted floppies without them in the drive, why did they work?
Because I used sync option or waited a minutes (so data was writen) or used
the sync cmd (that forces the write). When there is nothing to write, you
can retrieve the floppy.

Linux bitches because it has not ended to work with the floppy. Imagine you
have a truck and somebody drives it away will you are still putting things
inside. Ooops, where is the truck? I am sure you want the truck back to put
all the cargo, and not just a part (or nothing), imagine the receiver's face
when he opens and "the table is here, but where are the chairs? and that
lamp is cut in half, I want a full lamp!".


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