Re: Folder Icons

Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Andre" == Andre-John Mas <> writes:
> Andre> The approach would be to have a file '.icon' in the folder
> Andre> which would either be a reference to an icon or maybe even the
> Andre> icon itself.
> Why not use metadata?
> Tom

I must admit I have no idea what metadata is. The reason for the
hidden .icon idea is because of the simplicity of implementation
and the fact there icon stays with the folder even if the user
moves the folder's location, either via the command prompt or
any other graphical file viewer.

How this approach could be used for a file, I have no idea. With
the MacOS this can be achieved quite easily because each file can
have a resource fork, though no such thing exists on Linux, or any
other OSs for that matter.

Any ideas how BeOS does this sort of stuff?


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