Re: Filetype identification in gmc

>From: "Iain" <>

>How about using the extension for display of icons, but the magic numbers
>when you double click the file? This way the file would only have to be read
>when you're opening it, so it wouldn't cause much slow down.
>And then, it could check if it got the icon wrong, for example, a text file
>called text.jpg would originally have a picture icon, but when you double
>click on it, the magic numbers are checked, it turns out to be a plain text
>file, emacs (or whatever) is opened for it, and the icon changes to a text
>icon, thus ignoring the (wrong) .jpg extension.

Or how about using the extension for quickly drawing the directory, then have 
something running as a daemon with very low priority/nice level, that updates 
this information in the background?  Gmc keeps a cache of directories visited, 
so files with "wrong" extensions could be indexed there, for later use.

Most people who are using a file browser aren't doing much else anyway, so the 
update and correction should happen quite fast, but wouldn't effect the 
usability of the UI.

Just a thought.  I've been asking about threading GMC for a while, since it used 
to freeze for up to 5 minutes trying to quantify /home - which on my system is 
an automount of many hundreds of people's directories, mostly with no read perms 
=OZ  You don't even want to *think* about what it'd do if I pointed it at /net 
(which has every machine with exported NFS directories within the entire company 
internationally - best guess would be a 5 figure number).

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