Re: How to render/update a small rectangle of GdkImlibImage in aGnomeCanvasImage ?


If canvas functionality is really needed, there is GnomeCanvasWidget.
Not tried this, but shouldn't GtkDrawingArea as canvas widget allow
updating arbitrary rectangles?


On Tue, 3 Aug 1999, James Henstridge wrote:

> You probably want to look at the gdkrgb code.  It is used in the
> antialiased canvas to draw to the screen, and is also used in all versions
> of gimp that work with gtk+-1.2.
> With it, you can render rgb, greyscale or indexed image data to a 
> drawable, and you do not need to worry about visuals.
> If you do not need the other features of the canvas, you may want to use
> a GtkDrawingArea to display the image.  If you need the other canvas
> features, and the level of control you want it may be necessary to write a
> custom canvas item.
> James Henstridge.
> ...

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