Re: GNOME Usability Improvements - Fix the window manager!

On 02-Aug-99 James M. Cape wrote:

> I do think that if such a project is started, the leaders should make it
> explicitly clear that they are *not* working eliminating other Window
> Managers, simply changing the default to one that is better integrated
> with GNOME. Those who like their own WMs (like myself) will continue to
> use them, and those that could care less, will benefit from a saner
> default.

I in general agree with this sentiment and the statements by Michael

However I do not really understand why so many people want to hang on to
their windowmanager when using Gnome.
Given Gnome and what it sets out to do, a standard minimal built in
windowmanager, that only does what is really absolutely necessary and does
this fully Gnome compliant and invisible to the user, would have been by
far the most elegant solution.

Most WM's set out to be more then a `bare bones' WM, they add
extra functionality and this extra functionality `overlaps' with Gnome.
Given the fact that there are no clear specs for WM writers you still
get problems when using Gnome in combination with a "gnome-compliant"
window manager (even Enlightenment).

When you are able to fully use WM and Gnome elements next to each other
the result of mixing these elements on the desktop is not esthetically
pleasing. Mostly it is just plain ugly. In the absence of easy tools to
make common themes for a WM and Gnome I do not find this very interesting.
(And then why would you want to mix elements as the functionality is
available in both the WM and Gnome).

I use both Enlightenment and Gnome (on top of Enlightenment) but I do not
'mix'. When the mood strikes me I use E (no docks, no panel, no icons on
desktop, etc. (but I continue using Gnome apps)) and when I get bored I
switch to Gnome and suppres all signs of Enlightenment.

Alexander Volovics
Dept of Methodology & Statistics
Maastricht University, Maastricht, NL

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