Re: Maintainer of German translations (Matthias Warkus) writes:

|   I haven't had a look at the page or subscribed the list yet, but what
|   I wonder is whether having the Gnome translations done via such a
|   translation team would mean that people which are unfamiliar with the
|   project would do .po file translations.

The Translation Project is a "free" project.  To join it, there's no
need to actually process the PO files via the so called "Translation
Project Robot" (TP Robot, for short).

But the list is there to discuss special translation problems; I've had
the feeling, you're looking for such a forum.

|   BTW, Karsten has cobbled up a German .po file with messages that are
|   common to many programs. I will review it, we will work it into some
|   usable state, and finally we will be able to do a lot of the initial
|   translation work on an application by simply merging the common .po
|   file in.

That's pretty good.  And exactly these issues are to be discussed at  (Of course, often it's better to do it than to perform
endless discussions).

|   Maybe we could create a CVS module for such translation catalogs?
|   Other locales could deposit theirs there, too.

I'm not sure whether we actually need a CVS for this purpose; I'm sure,
François would be helpful to host such an catalog at his server, too.
This catalog looks like a meta catalog (kind of a library, not specific
to a textdomain).

Karl Eichwalder

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