Re: Integrated Directory Service.

Jorge Gomes Silva <> writes:

> Are there any plans for integrating a directory service into Gnome ?
> I think that is a "must" if Gnome wants to find a place in the
> enterprise.  It also might be useful for the home user if you think
> about it at an Internet scale.

What would Gnome use a directory for?  

It's clearly the wrong thing to provide one.

I can see why you might want a directory to be around, and so you'd
want Linux/FreeBSD/etc., to have a directory, but I don't want a GUI
to provide one.

It would be nice to have a good Gnome directory user agent (using
LDAP, presumably), but that's an application.  I can also see why
you'd want mail user agents (and anything else which wanted email
addresses) to be able to use LDAP.  

I'm less sure that configuration and/or address books should be done
using LDAP.  I'm sure they will be, but I'm dubious that this is the
right thing to use.  (An SQL database for address book might be an
interesting way to go.)

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