Re: Enlightenment and Gnome Panel on XINERAMA

>That sounds pretty cool..isn't that what the mac was able to do some time
>back?  Does it work on networked computers too?  Now that would be
>something being able to move a window on one computer to another computer
>seamlessly would be very interesting.  It may not be terribly useful but
>certainly something intersting to implement.
>> > Nice to get working, though. 
>I agree.

 Surely this is all a basic part of X? Displays can have more than one screen,
servers can have more than one display, and if you've got permission you can
draw windows on any screen of any display of any server on the network. To use
more than one screen on one machine you just need an X server that supports 
it, as I think the MacX server did. What does Xinerama do that's new?

 - Michael Rogers

Strike me down... I am unarmed...

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