Re: mounting/unmounting devices for newbies

I must admit, I know very little about this relm, but I do know that
dosemu handles disks like dos should (put it it/yank it out)


On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Michael Vanecek wrote:

> There is work continuing in that realm. I could've sworn I've seen an
> automounter app in one of my bins. At least a few Window Maker dock-apps
> are geared toward easily mounting and unmounting disks, and the last
> GNOME I used had a panel-app you could use to mount/umount your drives.
> However, the fact we are on PC's and using those drives, auto-detection
> can be challenging. Macintoshes have a different floppy drive setup that
> PC's could learn from, but that's unlikely, so the manual mount/unmount
> will continue to be the norm, be it from the commandline, a GNOME Panel
> app or a Dock-App. Actually, once you've done it a few times, other than
> not being as convenient as simply popping in a disk and yanking it out,
> the mount/umount procedure really isn't too much trouble. If the fs is
> pretty much the same, you could write a couple of scripts for each
> removeable device and run it to quickly mount/umount a drive, but you'd
> only be saving a few keystrokes at best...
> Mike
> Ben Frantzdale wrote:
> > 
> > what with mounting/unmounting drives, I am wondering how people expect
> > newbies to use removeable disks? As I see it, this is the major reason
> > that my mom couldn't use Gnome/Linux. I think that for most things,
> > window's way of dealing with disks makes a lot of sense if you don't
> > understand what's going on underneith. To the user, the fact that the
> > floppy/zip/cd is in the drive should mean that the computer sees it.
> > 
> > with things like automount and "rescan mountable devices" it looks as
> > though things arn't that easy yet.
> > 
> > comments?
> > 
> > --ben
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