Re: Please help - It will only take a minute!

Hi Hamish
I can understand your frustration. I to have struggled to learn the ins
and outs of 'nix operating systems. And I have a long way to go before I
would even begin to call myself an advanced user.

Things around Linux are changing at a fast clip with many new users
coming on board everyday, but there are some traditions in the hacker
culture that I hope will never change. One of those is "RTFM" (Read the
F***en Manual) then ask questions. Sure some of us don't have the funds
to go out and by half-a-dozen books, you apparently have net access. The
amount of information available on line for Linux is mind boggling some
of it easy to to find other things rather hidden. But your email about
class paths for Netscape shows you have not even tried to help yourself.
Class path info is all over the place.
I have seen two replies come across this mail group with answers that
should help.
But you must learn to help yourself some. Look for howto's look for tip
pages look at the instructions provided. Then when you find the
instructions fucked up asked the people who maintain or study in that

Try this it will not get you right there on your question about Netscape
it will help you learn about paths I checked if you try its just a few
clicks away. 
search: path howto

Have Fun Eat More Toast

Hamish wrote:
> Hello again everyone,
> I have been struggling with a problem for nearly 100 hours now and, to
> say the least, I think I've put a lot of effort into trying to reach
> some point of resolution.
> Although I have had three responses to my question from this list, they
> were unfortunately from non Red Hat/RPM users and although I very much
> appreciate their generosity, I am still no closer to finding an answer
> to my query.
> My problem appears to be outside the scope of knowledge to which this
> mailing list subscribes and although I appreciate the need to speculate
> on additional features for Gnome, it seems that there are a lot of
> problems with the present release which need to be addressed first. If
> not here, then where do new users go for help? Is there an actual
> technical assistance list/news group/forum somewhere for Gnome 1.x
> specific problems?
> I can appreciate that Windoze users may appear stupid to long term Linux
> users, however the fact that we are here, demonstrates our willingness
> to learn. Isn't that what the Linux community has been hoping for for so
> long? I thought the whole point of the Gnome project was to facilitate
> access to Linux for those of us who do not think in 1s and 0s.
> I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right
> direction. Once I know where we can receive help, I am more than willing
> to point other Windblows folk in the same direction, so as to leave you
> guys to continue on with your work, without your having to deal with our
> foolish questions.
> Thank you,
> Hamish - On behalf of the Gnomeless

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