Re: [gnome-list] gnome vs. network

Tim wrote:

> I believe he meant your local machine(localhost), and not where you
> dial into. ie.:
>   Bobbysmachine
> or for loopback only, I believe:
>       localhost       lo
> will work.

That has always been there:

> more /etc/hosts               localhost localhost.localdomain

Unfortunately, it's the dial*.edu address that GNOME complains about.  For the
last 2-3 releases, Red Hat has additionally used an /etc/HOSTNAME, thus -

> more /etc/HOSTNAME

Several parts of the system think this is my host name, e.g. emacs sessions will
pick it up in their title bar.  It is set every time I dial up, and whenever I
hang up it retains the current value until I dial up again.  The above is what I
got this time, so if I log off when I hang up, GNOME will complain about not
being able to find, and that it (GNOME) won't work
correctly without it, etc., when I log back in.

BTW, re my Netscape problem mentioned at the start of this thread, it occured to
me to remove gnome-session and add fvwm back to my .Xclients in order to see
whether the Netscape newsreader worked without GNOME.  It does, which means that
if GNOME is responsible at all, it must be through replacing some library or
other element of the system that Netscape relies on.  That doesn't sound
particularly plausible, but I can't think of any other explanation for the
simultaneous failure (famous last words...).


Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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