Re: Suggestion on how to resolve the 'logout problem' (Was Re: Why 'the logout problem' is a GNOME problem, not a WM problem)

>First, I think we should spend too much effort on handling non-gnome
>compliant window-managers..
>This should be a short term problem..  I expect in the future, most
>window managers will be gnome compliant..  For now, we simply have 
>to be considerate for a bit, too allow the developpers time to 
>modify their code..
>After a reasonable grace period, I think it is "reasonable" to expect
>people that want to use gnome, that they should use a gnome compliant
>window manager..

I absolutely agree. What makes this thread bizarre is that IIRC the 
original complaint was about the Enlightenment logout option.

>> 1) Change the GNOME compliance spec so that a compliant window 
>> manager uses the session manager in logging out rather than simply
>> terminating. That should allow GNOME to logout properly even if 
>> the user uses the root menu to logout, provided a compliant window
>> manager is used.
>I agree with this..  The logout or exit function from the root 
>manager of gnome compliant window manager (started by gnome-session) 
>should use the same session logout as the panel..  The effect should 
>be the same..

It's a good idea to have an option on your wm root menu to exit 
Gnome, but maybe not a necessary part of the window manager spec. 
After all, it duplicates a feature already provided by the panel.

>I think this would require an option in the window manager config 
>for "non-gnome compliant window manager" so that some other window
>manager isn't started (suppose this would be where you specify to 
>start the non-compainant wm).
>What would be needed would be a program that can be easily called 
>from a menu of a non-compliant window manager, that would cause the 
>session to logout..
>This would then be added to the root menu, and the "normal" exit
>function removed..

The command is "save-session --kill". There might be other args you 
can give to make your apps save themselves or whatever - I don't 
know. I just read about "save-session --kill" on this list and it 
seems to work with wm2! Removing the normal exit command might be a 
bad idea (in case you want to kill the wm for some reason), but you 
could put it somewhere safe and label it "Do Not Touch". ;)

 - Michael Rogers

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