Re: Win95 users vs. Gnome users - a rant (was Re: Possible gmc bug?)

>>  They will have to learn some time, because sooner or later every 
>> user will need to use either the command line or a non-Gnome 
>> application. I'm in favour of attracting new users to Gnome by making 
>> it user-friendly, but I believe that if you put too many layers of 
>> nice, considerate front end between the user and what's really going 
>> on, you ultimately confuse them when they try move beyond the basic 
>> day-to-day point and click operations. Instead of dumbing the user 
>> interface down, provide documentation to let the new user know what's 
>> actually going on. Let them learn something, it won't kill them.
>I agree theres a (fine?) line between making things easy and treating
>users like idiots. 

Is it not better to put a "Advanced-->Beginner-->custom" tab in the 
so you change the way you mount things etc.
So if a advanced user wants to use the the floppy drive, he probably 
knows where it is mounted so he does not need a direct link. (personally 
I dislike the way a Mac works with the desktop folder - and I am working 
on a Mac now :(( )
A beginner would like the way how Mac/Windows handles the desktop as a 
main starting point, so why not make a symbolic reference to where floppy 
(...) is mounted with an icon indicating if it is mounted or not.


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