Re: Size of the panel

>Is the panel size configurable? I would like to
>have a panel with half of its actual height, so
>I would have more screen area for applications.

 The panel grows in height to accomodate the tallest applet embedded 
in it. If you create an empty panel it's only as tall as the resize 
button arrows. Try making copies of the icons used by all your 
launchers (including the background tiles) and shrinking them in Gimp, 
then change the properties of your launchers so they use the tiny 
icons and tiny background tiles. Maybe the panel will shrink to the 
height of the new icons - only a guess, I'm afraid. Better would be an 
option to use menu-style mini icons on the panel - I guess Gnome is 
automatically resizing the menu icons, so why not do the same for the 

 - Michael Rogers

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