Re: system seems slow, and graphics look bad.

> Hi
> 	I've got gnome with enlightenment installed on a redhat 5.2 system. I've
> got an intel pentium at 200Mhz and 32 mb of ram. I'm runnning x in 16 bit
> mode. The system seems to be slow. The background image seems very blurred.
> (I tried various images). What should I do?

Enlightenment seems to be responsible for part of the slowness.  On a machine
with 128 Mb of RAM, there is still a slowdown that the user can feel
when using enlightenment with simple themes as compared to, say, using icewm
(latest development version which supports GNOME).  
My own experience is that the GNOME desktop with the default gtk look/feel
and icewm or flwm is as responsive as the default RedHat 5.2 
desktop using fvwm2.  When I switch the window manager to enlightenment, 
dragging windows and other operations are slower.    In both cases xosview 
shows no swapping.

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