Re: Quick newbie question...

I've noticed that too and really paid no attention to it... But, here's an
idea (stolen from Windows 95 / NT):

Using the Gnome Control Center, give the background the color you want to be
the icon's text background. Then, assuming you're using Enlightenment or
WindowMaker (actually, it may not matter what windowmanager), use the
windowmanagers method of setting a background image/wallpaper. I say to use
the windowmanagers background, because I'm not sure if you can set a
background color *and* a background image using Gnome. Then again, maybe you

I'm at work right now... using Windows NT, so I can't test it myself. Just
an idea though!


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From: Devin Butterfield <>

> Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew how to change the color of the
> background behind the text for desktop icons? Currently, all the icons
> on my desktop have black text with a gray background, and I find this a
> little hard to read.

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