Building RPMs from CVS

I'm wondering what's the most straight forward way of building RPMs from
the CVS source?  What I've been doing is renaming the directory to
package-version, making a package-version.tar.gz, and then running
rpm -tb package-version.tar.gz.  This works (with a couple exceptions, see
below) but it seems to me like there should be an easier way.

Now I seem to have problems with this method for glib and gtk+.  The only
difference I can see is that glib and gtk+ build devel packages too.  But
for glib, for example, it stops with no error:

Prereqs: /sbin/ldconfig

Processing files: glib-devel
Finding provides...
Finding requires...
Requires: /bin/sh

... and no RPMs are built ...  Any suggestions?


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