Re: Tear off menus...

"Bruce Z. Lysik" <> writes:

| Okay..  so I'm playing with tear off menus.  And I'm thinking: "This
| is pretty cool"
| But then I think: "But er, what good is it?"

It is very nice if one has to choose a certain menu item in the
seventh submenu 10 times or more. Or if one uses some menus often, but
don't have shortcuts...

Example: If one in LyX #1 want to insert something called a float one
has to choose from a submenu whether it is a figure float or a table
float. If one put in a lot of these floats in a row say when writing
the result chapter of a report, it would be nice to tear it off.

#1 Lyx is not Gnome/GTK+-ified yet, but can be found here:

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