to add to everyone's sound woes

ok... here is the deal.... I have changed nothing on my machine as far as
configuration is concerned and all of a sudden, esd works NO more. I get no
sound in gnome when I run esd from the command line, All  I get is :

[root@localhost /root]$ esd -as 2
- autostandby timeout: 2 seconds

I hear the beeps, then it sits at the "initializing..." line and does nothing
and I then have to ctrl-c it and it kicks out the following, normal looking

received signal 2: terminating...
bye bye
[root@localhost /root]$

Like I say, it worked before and now, it just don't work.... all happened in the
span of about 15 minutes, I guess. I wanted to get any input here to see if it
is a bug before I waste developers time with a bug that is really operator


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