I know its against the rules, but I just wanted to say how DAMNED COOL
gnome has turned out to be.  Wow, I am awed.  I'm running the latest rpm's
and it is MUCH more stable that the .98 i was last running.  Good deal. 
My windows loving friend came into my room and check out all the cool
stuff i could do with Gnome/E and was quite impressed.  He said he wished
he could get windows to do all that, to which i of course replied, "good
luck, run linux and be happy" :) 

I love the embedable apps, i hope their number proliferates, they are so

The most frequent bug i am having is when gnome traps the mouse click and
i can no longer click on anything, but it is still definitely usable.  Is
there any other recourse when this happens other than ctl-alt-backspace?

Anyhow, thanks to all the developers, testers, users, supporters, etc.!!

Joshua W. H. Steiner - -

"Never look at the trombones ... It only encourages them." 
   - Richard Strauss

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