RE: gnome-core compiliation error: _localtime_r undefined

It appears that the applet uses localtime_r blindly, without being
conditionalized by HAVE_LOCALTIME_R.  Also, there is no check in for localtime_r, so it appears that it is broken (according to
the criterion you gave me). Sorry I can't provide a patch because my
knowledge of c programming is very limited, but hopefully someone can make
the needed changes.

Thanks for your help,

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> Subject: Re: gnome-core compiliation error: _localtime_r undefined
> Hi,
> On Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 02:59:09PM -0600, BASS, Ned* wrote:
> > After that the applet compiled successfully.  Can anyone tell me the
> > _right_ way to fix this?
> First up, does the applet use localtime_r blindly, or is it
> conditionalised by HAVE_LOCALTIME_R, and does it test for 
> this function. 
> If it doesn't it is broken.  Look at glib/gdate.c#808 for how 
> to fix it. 
> It compiles on later versions of FreeBSD because they have localtime_r
> in libc.
> Regards,
>  -Jeremy
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