Gnumeric 0.3 has been released

Gnumeric 0.3 "Computing Bonobo" has been released for your spreadsheet
pleasure.  This version features a number of enhancements over the
last release. I am sure you want to upgrade as soon as possible. 

     o Support for cut and paste trough the X selection.

     o Auto-convert-on-input features: When you enter text in Gnumeric
       it is now matched against the known formats of Gnumeric and if
       possible, converted to a (number, format) pair.  This works
       when you enter a formula and when you type in text.

       This means you can use now dates and times in expressions, like
       this: ="10-Jan"+45.  

       Autofill will also work on this.
     o Working python module with sample python function.  

     o Much more documentation (thanks a lot to Adrian Likins
       for all the effort he has put into documenting Gnumeric).  A
       general introduction to Gnumeric is include as well, as
       sections on editing, formulas, autofill and drag and drop is included

     o Fixes for the teams doing internationalization.  A document
       describing the guidelines to translate certain parts of
       Gnumeric is included.

     o Lots of bug fixes.  

Where to get it from:

GNU packages:


      gnumeric module, tag GNUMERIC_0_3


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