compiling status 19980927

useing the cvs tree, i could compile these.
will post my patches later this day.
(currently > 70% packet loss to the cvs server)

glib gtk+ imlib fnlib ORBit gnome-libs stringlist esound audiofile libgtop
gnome-core gnome-objc gnome-guile gnome-chess gnome-filer gnome-games
gnome-gfdisk gnome-http gnome-media gnome-network gnome-utils gnome-xml Eterm
achtung atech balsa dia e ee gcalendar gcmm gdm gedit ggv gimp gimp-data-min
gimp-data-extras gmedia gtk-- gtk--draw gtop gwp libhnj mc nethack pharmacy
pilot-link gnome-pilot sane
(total: 227 MB in /opt/gnome)

failed to compile these :
gtk-engine gnome-admin gtkGL gnome-perl aorta baboon form-maker genius gle
gnumeric gtkDPS libgtop-apps jade-term libPropList litespeed moiss sart think
trackerg yagirc dgs grpm gsirc gnoom

here is the list (unlisted -> will try again after some fixing) :
gtk-engine: lots of compile errors
gnome-admin: yacc stuff - .h file not created.  gxsnmp/app/c_parser.h
gtkGL: lots of compile errors (testgtkGL.c)
gnome-perl: depends on gtkGL
aorta: has "-lglib" instead of "`glib-config --libs`" in taskmanager/
baboon: lots of compile errors
form-maker: yacc stuff - .h file not created (app/formyacc.h)
genius: yacc stuff - .h file not created (src/parse.h
gle: not compatible with gtk+ 1.1.3
gnumeric: plugins/python: no rules to make target
libgtop-apps: problems with stuff
jade-term: macros/ subdir is empty
moiss: po file missing/not created/ ...
sart: SCM_LIST0 undeclared (render/voxel.c)
think: no macros/ subdir
trackerg: Makefiles not up-to-date (src was moved to app/ ?)

please somebody look at these apps.


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