RE: Win vs. UNIX usability (Was: Re: gnome-terminal idea)

>But now I think we're getting off GNOME and into some larger
problems. I
>think we need to get back on the track of thinking about what GNOME
>do to alleviate some of the headaches in giving Linux to your
>grandmother. Perhaps a gnome-installer would be a good thing to see
>out of this discussion.

BTW: isn't there anything similar to the Linux Usability Project. I am
working in an installation program for Linux, you are talking about an
apps installer, the control center and LinuxConf. Shouldn't there be
some place to work together on all this things?

- yiyus

PS: Excuse for sending this to the gnome list. I know it isn't the
right place, but I am trying to know which is :-)

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