Re: word processor document format: what parts?

> Timothy Ritchey wrote:
> > 
> > > > 2) Bob is a word clone.  It is a wordprocessor.
> > > >       <MUCHO SNIPO>
> > > However, I tend to think that the
> > > distinction between an SGML editor and a WP is a false dichotomy.
> > > My proposal would be to implement it that way: structure for full SGML
> > > editing -- and then allow for a limited mode that only understands
> > > typical WP stuff.
> > 
> > To say something is a "WORD" replacement is only commenting on the
> > interface. If someone doesn't know (or care!) if the underlying
> > structure is SGML, then that should work too. Fankly, I would LOVE a WP
> > that I could pound out a quick letter, WYSIWYG fasion, print it out, and
> > forget about - all in SGML. I don't see why we have to have one and not
> > the other. My goal would be to create SGML for the masses as it where. 
> I don't think this is really realistic, because most documents created
> with word processors barely have a structure: people only care about the
> look, and most of the time, they don't think of applying a structure to
> their
> document and *then* change the style of the various elements of the 
> structure. Now if everyone could use this, it would be wonderful.

I think he has a point here.

I can testify i know a lot of MS-Word [l]users who still type some tabs at 
the beginning of the line instead of using indentation (and hard break the 
lines). This seems to be common practice for the address and data at the
beginning of a letter (while the letter body is free-flow, thanks God!).
Finding documents using something else than "normal" is quite difficoult.

Forcing this kind of users to use styles could be a challlenge.
Could we think something like automatically creating a new style when
the user does some formatting?
We could pop up a menu with the nearest style and ask for a confirm or
the request for a name to tag the new style.
IMHO this shouldn't be too annoying and the user could learn fast to re-use 
previously defined styles.

Best Regards

Mauro Condarelli

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