Re: xpm vs. png

> >well then write a simple converter from xpm to rgb ... then you can just
> >#include the result ... shouldn't be any harder then using xpms ...
> >in gnome stock it's all in one file which makes it harder to keep up
> >to date ...
> Who does the work to convert the images to rgb data for gnome-stock? I bet
> they already have a basic converter, it may need some clean up, but the core
> code would be done.

I put all gnome stock xpms in gnome-libs/libgnomeui/pixmaps and added
xpm2rgb.c. Also I changed the to include every stock_*.xpm in
gnome-stock-imlib.h.  This could be done in a smarter way (e.g. just one call
of xpm2rgb) but it's a start.

Hmm, thinking about the subject line maybe I should have added the png
versions of the gnome stock icons? Does this make sense?

> >also I guess it could be included in the makefile .... just build
> >say .rgb files from .png's or xpms on make ... then you only change
> >the .pngs, and the app includes the autogenerated .rgb file, this might
> >be a good way to do the gnome-stock for example
> Doing this, if only for gnome-stock, would be very nice. Right now there is
> no simple way to view the images included in gnome-libs. you must either
> find the homepage that contains a list, make a small gnome-hello type that
> displays them for you, or, like I did, find the right one by trial and
> error.

I try to update stock_demo.c whenever I add a stock icon. You should find all
pixmaps in stock_demo's main window.

> The image names help, but seeing the difference between 'preferences'
> and 'properties', for instance, becomes tedious.

'Preferences' are meant to be the program's global preferences. 'Properties'
should open a dialog for the properties of a document or something. If
somebody knows better words for these functions I would be happy to change the
names for gnome-stock.

Eckehard Berns

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