Re: Latest gnome-libs/ bombs on NetBSD (fix included).

>>>>> "Ted" == Ted Lemon <> writes:

Ted> NetBSD (and probably other BSD variants) include the Berkeley db
Ted> library in libc, so if you test for -ldb, you lose.  The fix is
Ted> to just check for dbopen in libc, and only if it's not there look
Ted> for it in -ldb.  Then, -ldb needs to be turned into a shell
Ted> variable so that it can be empty on BSD systems.  Also,
Ted> appropriate was spelled inappropriately...  :')

Looks good to me.  I've checked it in.

FYI it's easier for me to check something in if you send a ChangeLog
entry as well.  Preferably the entry is not part of the patch.


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