Re: OH YEAH!!!!!

Guys, I spoke too soon :( :( :(

I was basing my observations off the 'testgnome' and 'gnome-hello-*' apps
in the gnome-libs module.  They work fine.  Everything else dies with a
"Gdk-Message: sigsegv caught", the same error I was getting a few days ago
(and sent the output of gdb to Federico).

:( :( :(  Me and my big mouth :( :( :(

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On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Soren Harward wrote:

>I finally got everything to compile: ORBit, gnome-libs, gtk themes,
>everything!!  It's amazing how much you miss when yo haven't had a working
>GNOME distro for about a month.  OH YEAH I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!  Thanks
>everyone.  Now, to finish that awesome WindowMaker / GTK / x11amp theme
>and make Rasterman's stuff looks like kindergardner's scribbles ;)

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