Re: everything SIGSEGV's

>>>>> "Soren" == Soren Harward <> writes:

Soren> Guys, I've finally got everything compiliing now, but on
Soren> startup I get this error from EVERYTHING:

Soren> SESSION_MANAGER=local/,tcp/

This message is generated by the session manager.  It is not an error.

Soren> Gdk-Message: 
Soren> ** ERROR **: sigsegv caught

Soren> I'm working with the latest CVS stuff (current as of this
Soren> afternoon), and everything I try to run dies with this same
Soren> error.  I'll be more than happy to send a stack trace or any
Soren> debugging info you want; just tell me what to do.

Choose a program you think the session manager should have started,
e.g. gnome-foo.  Then run:

	gdb gnome-foo
	... wait until it dies

`bt' will print a stack trace.


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