CVS ORBit still broken (for me at least)

Guys, I'm getting sick and tired of this.  Three straight weeks, I can't
get ORBit to build from CVS b/c of the &!@$%& "AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h)"
error.  I've tried everything everyone's suggested I do ('rm -rf' 
and 'cvs -z3 checkout ORBit', including obscure m4 files from all over my
system, etc) and it's still not working.  Has ANYONE gotten ORBit to
compile from a pristine CVS download in the last three weeks?  I'm really
hurting to get GNOME back.

                Soren Harward               | Windows 95/98 DOES come
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               Cinternet, Inc.              | from Registry
 Voice: 891-1228 | corruption.      | It's called 'FDISK'.

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