using an arbitrary widget in a CLIST?

Dudes, the gtk manual introduces CLISTS and says that they can take a
widget as a list element, not just text strings and pixmaps.  The
blurb from the manual is below.

But I have looked through the manual an the source and (so far) not
found any way to put anything except for text and pixmaps in a clist

There is a call gtk_clist_set_column_widget(), but it claims to put a
widget in the column title, not in an ordinary List entry.  The only
other calls that seem to set a cell are gtk_clist_set_text() and
gtk_clist_set_pixmap(), as well as the gtk_clist_insert_*() calls,
but they all take char * arguments, not widgets.

Am I missing something?  Has anyone used this?

The compound list widget


   A list of rows of columns, with a title row.  You can insert rows,
and delete rows.  The user can scroll around and select a row.  Derived
from *note GtkContainer::..  Cells can be empty, have a text and/or
pixmap, or be a widget.

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