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Thanks a lot for the reply.  I am presently away from my home computer (damn
travel requiremets) so I will have to send you my gdm.conf file later.  But,
the only difference between the one included with gdm and mine is that I
changed the last line to point to the correct X server.  As far as 'close
completely' -- I will use Eterm as an example, when I do an 'exit' to log
out of a terminal session the window will clear of all text and the actual
window will stay displayed -- I have to forcably kill the window to get it
of the screen.  I have also seen this behavior will other apps.  I know this
problem is related to gdm, since it does not happen when I don't use gdm to
login.  As far as the password setup goes - I am running the default setup
used by Redhat 5.0.  If the default is using shadow, so am I.  This machine
is a home machine and is not continously connected to any network (except
the two computers at my home).  I will have to look more closely to tell for

Thanks again for your reply!!


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> From:	Martin Kasper Petersen []
> Sent:	Tuesday, October 27, 1998 12:35 AM
> To:	Smith, Nathan A., Capt.
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> Subject:	Re: gdm bug report
> >>>>> "Nathan" == Smith, Nathan A , Capt <>
> writes:
> Nathan> 1.  For some reason the DISPLAY variable is unset when running
> Nathan>     gdm (causing programs like linuxconf, dctrl (part of
> Nathan>     diald), and others to fail to connect to the display)
> I have never seen this.
> Could you please mail me your gdm.conf? 
> Nathan> 2.  Terminals fail to close completely on 'exit'.  I have
> Nathan>     found this mostly with Eterm (I am running E).
> Define ``close completely''...
> Nathan> 3. I still can't get gdm to notice all the user accounts I
> Nathan>    have setup on my system (it only shows root!!).
> Are you by any chance running shadow?
> Nathan> BTW - what are PreRoot and PostRoot to be used for (I figured
> Nathan> out Init - it's really nice to be able to add a background and
> Nathan> run xripple like xdm)
> PreRoot and PostRoot are executed by root before the user logs in and
> after he logs out. They are intended for user session accounting,
> running local setup programs etc.
> Nathan> 4. gdm never dies -- this means that programs that are started
> Nathan>    using the Init script never die (I want xripple to run in
> Nathan>    gdm, but not in my windowmanger -- using PostRoot [thinking
> Nathan>    this might be where we kill processes doesn't work])
> Ok, this is a thinko on my part. I'll make gdmslave kill all programs
> started by the Init-script when the user session begins..
> -- 
> Martin Kasper Petersen			BOFH, IC1&2, Aalborg
> University, DK

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