Re: gnome-session and window managers

Moin Lyndon,

>>>>> "Lyndon" == Lyndon Drake <> writes:

Lyndon> Hi, I hope this hasn't been asked before, but can
Lyndon> gnome-session run a window manager?  If so, the only program
Lyndon> to run in .xinitrc would be gnome-session, and window manager
Lyndon> selection could become part of part of the session manager
Lyndon> properties.

There are two ways to achieve your goal.

1. If your window manager supports session management (I only now icewm 
to do this) you should only start him once you after starting
gnome-session.  The session manager should restart the window manager
the next time you start a session.

2. If your window manager doesn't support session management, you have 
to call the programm 'session-properties' (from the panel it's:
System/Session Manager Properties) and add your window manager to the
list of "Programs to invoke at session startup". That's all.

Lyndon> Lyndon


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