Universal Clipboard idea

this is a proposal for a new way to store draggable items.

the "Object Clipboard" would be a small box that would accept all draggable
items, and store their data. it would create an icon for that item, which
could be draggable back to the application it came from.

for example:

i drag a layer from a gimp image into the Object Clipboard. inside the
clipboard window, a small icon resembling Wilber appears. i close the gimp
image. i then switch over to another (different) gimp image, drag the Wilber
icon into the image area, and the layer from the clipboard is added to the new

i can also store multiple things in the object clipboard, because it's keeping
its own copies of the data. i can drag these into an mc directory and they
will be saved as files.

this could also be done with text. keep humorous jokes in the object
clipboard for easy pasting into irc sessions.

AFAIK, this idea is new, and is very intuitive for a UI.

i would prefer someone like tim or miguel to design the internals of this (i'm
no ORB guru), but if neccessary, i will look into trying to make a
demonstration myself.

mail me with your comments. thanks.
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